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SAP CRM/ABAP Consultant. Worked on Web and Mobile Development by using ASP.NET MVC, Html, jQuery, Ajax, CSS and Android.

Getting Started with ABAP - Hello World

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a 4GL, object oriented programming language that developed for SAP by SAP. With ABAP, we can develop business application programs within SAP systems. It supports multi-language applications and Open SQL which turns database independent statements into the statements understood by the underlying database. SAP can work with a wide variety of databases and the same ABAP program can run on all of those. Before starting ABAP development, it is helpful to le
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Loading Jquery Correctly into BSP Application

Sometimes, we might want to use jquery in our bsp applications to create some pretty views with animation. But if you couldn't load it correctly, it might be very annoying. Thanks to SAP's Automatic Delta Handling (ADH) in BSP applications, when the page loads We can load it multiple times unnecessarily and call respective functions multiple times, after you might end up with a messed up view. Here are some tips to use jquery correctly, to keep you out from these troubles. First
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Implementing Character Limit Feature for TextArea Element in a BSP with JavaScript

Here is a good example of using JavaScript in WebUI BSPs. In this example, we will try to implement character limit functionality for a TextArea field in a bsp. First of all, we need to ID property of Html Element of the Text Field. To get that, we could use below code in .htm. DATA lv_textArea_id TYPE string. CONCATENATE controller->component_id '_search_message' INTO lv_textArea_id. The "search" phrase, in concatenate action, is the name of the context node of the property that ge
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