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WEB UI Navigation to BOL Entity

This is a couple of sample code blocks to demonstrate how to navigate to an entity in SAP CRM Web UI. Let’s assume that we need to navigate to an order from our BSP application. Frist we need to create the order entity that we want to navigate to. For that, we need the GUID of the order. Let’s say have the guid in a local variable named by lv_guid DATA: lr_core TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_core, lr_order TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_entity, lv_guid
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How To Trigger SAP Server Event With Javascript

In order to trigger a server even with Javascript from a BSP, you need to generate a Javascript function with <bsp:event> tag in your .htm file, which you can then use inside a script. You can pass two parameters with it as well if you desire. <bsp:htmlbEvent name = "fireServerEvent" Id = "fireServerEvent" p1 = "p1" p2 = "p2" /> You can then use the generated function as below <script language="javascript"> fireSe
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This is a simple example for adding one click action events to a table view for bsp applications. First, add OCA attribute to table view's context node. Right click Attributes->Create a value attribute with the following DDIC type "CRM_THTMLB_ONE_CLICK_ACTION". After adding value attribute, go to context node class and redefine method 'GET_OCA_T_TABLE'.  Define your OCA buttons-> icons & event names in this method. After that, create GET_P meth
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