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How To Copy Dates With CRM_COPY_BADI

It is possible to copy dates between documents using DATES method of the badi CRM_COPY_BADI Simply insert the code below into the DATES method of your implementation DATA: lt_fnames TYPE crmt_input_field_names_tab, ls_fnames TYPE crmt_input_field_names. FIELD-SYMBOLS: <ls_input_fields> LIKE LINE OF ct_input_fields. READ TABLE ct_input_fields ASSIGNING <ls_input_fields> WITH KEY logical_key = cs_date-appt_type. IF <ls_input_fields> IS ASSIGNED. CL
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BUSINESS PARTNER - TRANSACTION TABLE RELATIONSHIP BUT000 = BP: General data. Contains Business Partner Number, Partner Category, Partner Type, First Name, Last Name etc. BUT020 = BP: Addresses BUT050 = BP relationships/role definitions: General data. Contains Relationship, Partner Number (PARTNER1), Relationship Category BUT051 = BP Relationship: Contact Person Relationship. Similar to BUT050 , additionally contains Contact Person’s Address data
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