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Implementing Character Limit Feature for TextArea Element in a BSP with JavaScript

Here is a good example of using JavaScript in WebUI BSPs. In this example, we will try to implement character limit functionality for a TextArea field in a bsp. First of all, we need to ID property of Html Element of the Text Field. To get that, we could use below code in .htm. DATA lv_textArea_id TYPE string. CONCATENATE controller->component_id '_search_message' INTO lv_textArea_id. The "search" phrase, in concatenate action, is the name of the context node of the property that ge
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How To Hide Overview Assignment Block Dynamically

It is possible to detach or reattach assignment blocks in a BSP overview page. First thing to do is determine the name of the assignment block that we want to hide. There are two possibilities for this purpose If the block we want to hide is a defined as a component usage in our BSP, the name of the assignment block should consist of the usage name and the interface name seperated by a dot 'component_usage_name'.'interface_view_name'. If the block is defined i
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