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BOL Programming - Basic Collection Operations

Here we tried to summarize some of the basic methods you can use to manipulate BO collections How To Search in BOL Collection In order to search for a BO in a collection, the FIND method is used. You can use one of the two input parameters IV_INDEX and IV_ENTITY for the search. However, be aware that only one of these parameters are used for the search so you should provide only one. In case you export both of the parameters, the search will be executed according to the index. DATA: lr_col TYP
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Introduction to BOL Programming

Business Object Layer Programming provides various advantages such as simple and easy use due to Object Oriented structure and faster applications due to built-in buffer. Let us start with the most commonly used classes of BOL programming CL_CRM_BOL_QUERY_SERVICE      --> Query class to select Business Objects IF_BOL_TRANSACTION_CONTEXT --> For access to transaction context CL_CRM_BOL_ENTITY                    
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WEB UI Navigation to BOL Entity

This is a couple of sample code blocks to demonstrate how to navigate to an entity in SAP CRM Web UI. Let’s assume that we need to navigate to an order from our BSP application. Frist we need to create the order entity that we want to navigate to. For that, we need the GUID of the order. Let’s say have the guid in a local variable named by lv_guid DATA: lr_core TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_core, lr_order TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_entity, lv_guid
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