Archives: Haziran, 2015

Add Custom Tab to VL02N, VL03N

LE_SHP_TAB_CUST_HEAD Badi should be used to add custom tab to VL02N VL03N. Lets see the steps to add custom tab one by one. Append your structure to LIKP table. With se18 t-code, if doesn’t exist you should create an enhancement implementation. I have already created one and i can see with display option. Double click on implementation name. Create  a function group and define the variables in its TOP include(LZXXTOP) .  TABLES : zzsdappend_likp."(You can also de
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For All Entries Statement With Key Fields

For all entries statement does not bring “all entries” everytime. To get all data in tables, key fields must be used in select statement. You can see the differences between 2 select statements. The one  that without key fields returns 11 records, the one that with key fields returns 194 records even where conditions are the same.  VBAP is the sales order item table which has sales order number and sales order item number as key fields. When we didn’t use key fields (
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